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The Perfect Imperfection

      We believe that we live in a perfect world and always strive to be a perfect person. We always want to use perfect things and have perfect people around us. I don’t believe in a perfect world and believe nothing in the universe can be perfect. Anything that is supposed to be perfect will be fake and artificial.

      One of the very known perfectionist i know is Steve Jobs and he believed in perfection and always wanted things he own and do should be perfect. While the software’s and hardware of Apple is said to be always perfect and best, in reality they are not. They are also same as other software and hardware around the world. They do have bugs, they crash, the hardware do break, there is a reason why they come with warranty and have apple service centres and help desks. Their software’s also require regular software updates for both security and bug fixes.

      People who move towards the success never wait to be perfect, its about opportunity and risk they take to deliver success. As opposed to Apple, Microsoft products are said to be imperfect buggy software and agreeing to that they are actually more successful in the market. Perfection is not the goal of the windows but they want something working released to the market.

      I am not saying there is nothing perfect in the world. Microprocessors are an amazing example of something that is perfect in this world. I don’t agree that its a perfect hardware, current microprocessors are always replaced by some powerful new processors in the future. But the underlying elements of the microprocessor the million of transistors switching and changing so perfectly every time is a man made marvel.

      People believe that world is perfect mostly because they are religious and spiritual, believing that nature or god is so perfect and that god created the world so perfect just like god himself. And there is always a perfect reason behind every creation and a perfect fate already has been written and everyone and every creation have a perfect purpose. There is a Persian proverb, “A Persian rug is perfectly imperfect, and precisely imprecise”. They believe that nothing should be perfect as the god and they intentionally have a imperfect stitch in the rug.  Persian rugs are very popular and they all have one imperfect stitch in it.

      I don’t believe in any god and if god exists beyond my belief then he is also a imperfect. I believe that the world is a result of imperfect universe. I visualize the universe at the beginning at the time has not even started was a imperfect , unstable with randomness. This resulted in the creation of the universe that we know of. Every thing that exist is random and imperfect, they give a illusion of being perfect because it results the very existence of our universe.

      Earth is so imperfect, its not a perfect sphere its not in a perfect shape and surface is not perfect it has a very randomness of depth and height, with oceans and land compromising the earth. Its so imperfect that it divides the land from the water and causing radical shifts in climate giving us seasons and its so imperfect that it rotates itself giving us night and day.

      This randomness and imperfection created the life here. Its so imperfect and random event that life exists here on the earth and we cannot find any other source of life in the universe till now. We are the imperfection of the universe and we pollute the world sending rockets and satellites , probes into the universe disturbing the events of the imperfect universe causing much more randomness and its goes on and on.

      The life span of the human is so small that we cannot even notice the randomness and instability of the universe. Humans are so imperfect that they left the natural ways and started living the imperfect life by creating this artificial modern life that is not intended by the nature.

      I can write lot of stuff about the imperfection of the world and us making it worse so the universe and us can co-exist. We live in the illusion of perfect world that is so imperfect. I can rephrase the Persian proverb,

“The Universe is perfectly imperfect, and precisely imprecise”.

     So you still believe in the perfect world ?

Choosing Is Hate ?

Having Coffee in the morning after the Breakfast gives you time to relax or to think something crazy, I chose the later. As i saw something blue in color i liked it, still i don’t remember what that something is.

Now i got into this crazy thought why blue is my favorite color ? I can remember when i chose its my favorite. It was in my school days when someone asked me what is my favorite color ? I was unable to answer because i had none and never thought about it. I chose blue as my favorite color after thinking a lot because blue was our school uniform, sky is blue in turn the ocean is blue. Does that means i hate other colors. I at least started to dislike other colors and started to buy clothes that are blue.

So when someone is given with options and they are allowed to choose it also create hate in that someone.

I would call it self Indoctrination. There are things other choose for you and it is Indoctrination. Some examples are your Nationalism, Religion, Caste and you can tell more.

Basically you are not given any choice. Based on your birth you have a Nation and you might start to hate the other countries based on Nation. Also Based on your birth you have a religion and will hate or will have no respect for others belief or religion.

How the world will be if you don’t have to choose and it doesn’t mean you have no choice like buying an apple product. Its like you entering the candy shop with all flavors and eat anything you want. You don’t have to stand for what you have chose or others shared with you.

What will happen to Nationalism, Religion then ?

Then my cup of coffee is empty and i came back to reality and started walking towards my office.

How to Setup JAVA_HOME Path in Ubuntu

To setup a JAVA_HOME path in ubuntu,

Open up the .bashrc file in your Home folder with any text editor.


lazy@lazycoderz:~$ nano /home/lazy/.bashrc

add the following lines in it and save it. (Replace the JAVA_HOME path with the root folder of the Java installation)

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25

To apply changes you don’t have to restart just give the following in the shell

. .bashrc

How to Install Play Framework 2 in Ubuntu

Make sure you have installed Java in ubuntu. If you want to install java then follow my another tutorial on How to install Oracle Java 7 in Ubuntu.

To install play framework 2 in ubuntu, download the latest version of play, while writing this tutorial the latest version was Play - 2.1.3.

Once downloaded extract with the command


Create a folder called play in /opt

sudo mkdir /opt/play/

Move the extracted folder to the path /opt/play

sudo mv play-2.1.3 /opt/play/

Update the alternatives for play. This will also help you if you have more than one version of play installed in your system

sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/play" "play" "/opt/play/play-2.1.3/play" 1

Configure the play by choosing from the alternatives.

sudo update-alternatives --config play

the update-alternatives will look similar like this

There are 4 choices for the alternative play (providing /usr/bin/play).

  Selection    Path                       Priority   Status
  0            /opt/play/play-2.1.3/play   1         auto mode
  1            /opt/play/play-2.1.0/play   1         manual mode
  2            /opt/play/play-2.1.1/play   1         manual mode
  3            /opt/play/play-2.1.2/play   1         manual mode
* 4            /opt/play/play-2.1.3/play   1         manual mode

Check the installed version of the play typing the following in the console.

play help

you should get

       _            _
 _ __ | | __ _ _  _| |
| '_ | |/ _' | || |_|
|  __/|_|____|__ (_)
|_|            |__/

play! 2.1.3 (using Java 1.7.0_17 and Scala 2.10.0),
Welcome to Play 2.1.3!

These commands are available:
license            Display licensing informations.
new [directory]    Create a new Play application in the specified directory.

You can also browse the complete documentation at

How to Install Oracle Java 7 in Ubuntu

Download the latest version of java from the website

While writing this tutorial the latest version was Java SE 7u25.

Accept the License and download the the file jdk-7u25-linux-x64.tar.gz, if you want 64 bit version or download jdk-7u25-linux-i586.tar.gz if you want 32 bit version.

Once downloaded extract with the command

tar -xvzf jdk-7u25-linux-x64.tar.gz

Create a folder called java in /opt

sudo mkdir /opt/java/

Move the extracted folder to the path /opt/java

sudo mv jdk1.7.0_25 /opt/java/

Update the alternatives for both java and javac. This will also help you if you have more than one version of java installed in your system

sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/java" "java" "/opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/java" 1
sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/javac" "javac" "/opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/javac" 1
sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/" "" "/opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25/jre/lib/amd64/" 1
sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/javaws" "javaws" "/opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/javaws" 1

Configure the java and javac by choosing from the altenatives.

sudo update-alternatives --config java
sudo update-alternatives --config javac

the update-alternatives will look similar like this

There are 2 choices for the alternative javac (providing /usr/bin/javac).
Selection Path Priority Status
0 /opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/javac 1 auto mode
1 /opt/java/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/javac 1 manual mode
2 /usr/local/java/jdk1.7.0_17/bin/javac 1 manual mode
Type the selection number to configure.

Check the installed version of the java and javac by typing the following in the console.

java -version

you should get

java version "1.7.0_25"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_25-b15)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.25-b01, mixed mode)

And to test javac

javac -version

you should get

javac 1.7.0_25

To set a JAVA_HOME path follow my another tutorial on How to setup JAVA_HOME path in Ubuntu.

Oh Your Eyes

♥ ♥

It’s just another crazy busy day,

until this magical night.

It’s like written in prophecies,

that we will meet tonight.

Like the moon in the dark sky,

showing its majestic beauty.

Your white skin glows in the darkness of the night.

Oh baby yes its your eyes I am watching,

like a slave I fell to its spell.

When our eyes met I was in cloud nine,

Oh baby don’t kill me with your eyes.

With your diamond eyes you wondered who am I.

I always wanted to be a loner,

but now wish we are together

and speak in silence,

just with our eyes.

♥ ♥

- Princeyesuraj Edward

Zombies Are Out There ( Episode Two )

December 28, 2015 – 8 PM

It was dead silent in the streets and its has never been so silent before. There was always howling and weird noises around the city. But not now. Arun was getting nervous every second because of the silence. He is always the guy who freaks out first when there is weird noises and the howling. Its still dark and it was never silent in these darkest hours but it is now. He got more nervous than ever. We are hiding in an old apartment in Anna Nagar, which is heavily barricaded. We are searching for government organized bunker which is acting as a final frontier between humans and them.

Arun is all alone observing in an binocular from the roof top which is a good vantage point for seeing what’s happening out there. He also had a Sniper to get a clean shot on any zombies head still he was nervous being alone under such conditions.

He was watching the same window of a apartment which is like a mile away. It is the only apartment with light. I noticed that light a month ago when we took this apartment as a barricade. We never lit our lights on fearing that we might attract zombies here. But that apartment always had light all night.

It was my idea to find out who lives in the apartment. We haven’t found others since we entered this dead city. It is almost like a suicide mission since during the days of apocalypse nobody is to be trusted. With limited or no resource everyone is always tries to loot from others.

Me and Vicky left in the car to find who is hiding there, leaving Arun back in the apartment to cover us with the sniper rifle.  I  always trusted Arun with the guns since the tragedy in Krishnagiri.

Its been since 2 hours both me and Vicky left, there was a complete radio silence. “Why the hell they wanted to go in the evening “, Arun said to himself.

It was freezing out in the roof top as Arun covered himself in a blanket and he zoomed the scope of his sniper to that window with the light. Though his body is covered from the cold he got frozen as he heard a heavy growl and howling, the light in that apartment was put off immediately.

He scanned the area for any movement and didn’t found anything. Then he heard some gun shots and now it was accompanied by zombies growls and howls. And there was sound of tires screeching. He was relaxed to find the headlights of the car. But it didn’t last long as he found a huge horde of zombies are following them.

He zoomed into the car to find me and Vicky fine but he found there was another person with us. “ Ready to barricade us in “,  I said in radio as he also heard some female voice shouting “Its all your fault “ in the background . Arun ran all the way down and opened the gates. Vicky steered directly inside in an accelerated speed and crashed directly into a pillar.

Arun didn’t had only option but to barricade the gate before helping us out of the car. As he closed the big gate of the apartment wall the zombies rammed into the gate. He locked the gate and ran towards the car to check the car.

He found Vicky saved by the car safety air bag. Behind he found a girl unconscious and prince trying to open the jammed car door, the car is now a total wreck. “Need to find a way to get out of this car “, I said.

Arun found a steel rod at a corner and he took it towards the window near me and raised his hand to break the glass.

“ WAIT”, I shouted.

But its too late as Arun broke the glass as I ducked, then he asked me to come out.

I gave a irritated look at Arun as I unlocked the safety lock in the door and Opened the door. As I came out of the car , “What about the girl ?”, asked Vicky who is still inside the car.

We carried the unconscious girl to the apartment in the building and dropped her on the couch. And we three moved to the balcony to see what the horde of zombies are up to. “The walls are tall and the gate is steel, it will hold them “,relaxed Vicky.

I turned the lights on.

“Who is that girl ?” , asked Arun. “Its good she is unconscious, she has been shouting at prince about us finding her in her apartment for past one hour”, said Vicky.

“Its our fault, we attracted those zombies towards us”, I said in disappointment.

“Was she alone there ?”


“How can a girl live alone in all this mess ? “, Arun exclaimed.

“ Cant a girl defend herself ? Douchebag”, a mumbled voice from behind. It was her.

“ It was this fools fault, what you think of yourself trying to help me ? A hero “, she screamed at me as she walked towards us holding her head with one hand.

And when she reached the balcony ,” What the Hell ? What have you done you fools ? “, she screamed again as she saw the huge hordes of zombies at the gate and even worse more zombies are attracted towards the apartment.

“She sounded better when she was unconscious”, said Arun.

“What did you said you Douchebag ? “

“Dude do some thing “, Arun whispered to me.

“Hey, stop fighting and start thinking to clear this mess”, I said.

Vicky was watching the zombies horde as he went into deep thinking but got disturbed by the fight going on. “Enough, cant you guys be silent “ he screamed.

The girl moved to one of the room and shut the door in frustration.

“Do you know anything about that girl”, asked Arun.

“Nothing”, Vicky relaxed now and went into deep thinking.

“She is so repulsive from the beginning and fighting and I like it “ I said in excitement.

It was a deep silent between Us. But the howling of the zombies continued as the horde gathered at the gates.

Vicky prepared some food for dinner with the provisionals we looted from the abandoned super market nearby.

“What about the girl ?”, I asked as we had our dinner.

“Let her be hungry “, Arun showed his hate.

After the dinner Vicky went to the balcony and he went to sleep in a chair watching the horde of zombies. He didn’t feared zombies.

Arun went into one of the bed room to sleep. He is in terrible fear as he went to the the room.

I lied down the couch and tried to sleep. But couldn’t sleep leaving that girl hungry.

I took some food and knocked her door.

“Go Away”, voice came from inside.

“I brought you dinner”

She opened the door and grabbed the plate from me. I know she was hungry.

She started to eat sitting in the bed.

I dragged a chair next to her, and introduced myself to her saying, “ I am, Prince”.

She didn’t cared.

She replied after some time “Monika”


“Monika, you asked my name ?”, she said.

“I apologize for things happened today, Monika” ,I said.

“No i should apologize i was harsh on you guys, I was really glad to see you guys“, she said

“I was just”


I can see tears in her eyes.

Then we talked about her and her survival in the city, and found the saddest part of her life as how she lost her friends and left stranded all alone in the apartment. And she is hoping to find her parents safe in some military bunker in the city the same what we three are searching for.

We chatted a lot and had some laughs as she went into sleep as she was talking to me.

I covered her with the blanket and I went to sleep in the chair watching her sleeping.

It would be like 3 hours since we slept and I was woken by a huge blast and gun shots. She woke up in fear and we moved towards the balcony where Arun and Vicky staring at the origin of that blast.

We can see the huge smoke cloud raising from the south east and hear gun shots there.

Huge horde of zombies are still at the gate and also there was a horde of zombies moving towards that smoke.

“I think its happening near the base which we been searching for months “, said Vicky.

We four gazed with hope towards the horizon where there is smoke and gunshots, wondering what is waiting for us there.

( To be Continued …. )

The Real You

Ever wondered who you really are ?

Ever wondered your existence and your purpose ?

People who doesn’t understand these questions and answers to it, will be in search of spirituality and religion.

So what is the real you ?

I always wondered about my existence and purpose  from the curious young age.  Everyone would have same curiosity and questions from very young age. And i am sure most would have got the answer from their parents.

Their answer will be mostly about the spirituality and religion.

My mother never forced me into anything. Yes she explained to me about rationality , spirituality and religion.

However i chose the rational thinking because its the thing that had all the answers to my questions.

So what is the real you ? The answer will be being yourself.

Everyone is lucky to be in existence to see the wonders of world and life.

The purpose of life is what you make out of yourself, from all your mistakes, wishes, the courage to pursue something.

You have to find what is that making you to keep going and makes you happy doing it.

Doing what you like is not easy as it is. It will not be a easy task rather it will be a hardest path once you chose your purpose of existence.

If you are doing some thing and you feel that you are about to fail and people start to say you are doing wrong or you don’t belong there, it means you are doing it right.

Even if you fail never give up and always chase the purpose of your life.

Life is not about achieving a goal its a travel where you choose your path , purpose and people to meet.

So who you are ? what is your purpose ?

Its about being you without any indoctrination of others ideas.

Counter Strike 1.6 Map That I Designed ( Fy_water_dirt )

Once i was a addicted CS Player who played sometimes as a NOOB and sometimes as a PRO but it doesn’t mattered to me as i just wanted to have fun playing CS online.

But that is the time i was downloading lot of maps from this cool website dedicated to CS , Cstrike-Planet.
It hosted lot of maps and various tools for CS Players like creating tags, changing game models and even create your map and submit it.

Its a software called Valve Hammer Editor which is used to create maps.

I learned to create a maps with resource available online. And created this map within a week.

The map i created is not that cool but it was a good start. It was the time when i wanted to become a Game Designer/Programmer/Developer.

So i created this map called fy_water_dirt.

When i uploaded it online on cstrike-planet ( Dec 11, 2008 )  it was the HOTTEST download of that time. I haven’t textured it properly and map is so big but i don’t know many liked it.

While i am writing this post my map statistics is 8,814 Downloads just on cstrike-planet.

You can check about my map at

Also you can google for fy_water_dirt and can see how it is popular and is added in lot of game packs and shared around by lot of gamers.

Zombies Are Out There ( Episode One )

November 13, 2015 - 5 PM

I said, “We are so close take the next service lane Vicky “.

I never hoped that I would reach my Home after the War Broke out. We are the only people who escaped from that ruined City.

Now the War is over and we are heading to my Home at Krishnagiri.

It’s been a 5hrs Journey from Bangalore to My Home which usually takes just less than 2 hrs from my Office in Electronic City.

Arun started to shiver as we entered the Streets of my Home town. We know Populated area is not safe in these days. But it’s getting dark and we need to find shelter and get back to the Journey to find the Safe Heaven.

Jeeva and Archana are the only couple in our gang. They had their Love Marriage just 3 Months before the War Broke out. She was hugging Jeeva as she was so scared and Jeeva kissed her on the head.
And said “Everything will be alright “.

When we entered our street we were nervous as we need to risk our lives to get into the house.

The street was empty but we had a feeling we are not the only one around. As we reached at the gate of my Home, I ran off the car to the gates of my Home as I am the one who had the keys and Jeeva was helping me to open the gates faster as we know that we are being chased by them.

Yes THEM!!!

As I said the war with the humans are over but now we are at the end of extinction and we are at war with the UNDEAD.

We call them ZOMBIES same as they call them in the movies.

Now we can hear them howling and can hear lot of them running towards us. We are so quick to open the gate before they even reach our street.

Arun and Archana stayed in the car as they were so scared by these zombies and Vicky is in control of the wheels.

As we opened the gates Vicky guided the car into the House and these blood thirst zombies are running at us. They seemed so hungry for our Flesh.

Jeeva quickly closed the Home grill gate as the Car entered. And just as he about to lock the gate the Zombies are ramming at the Grill.

Yes they are not the slow and stupid zombies just as we see in the Movies. These zombies are quick, strong and had some sense like they can smell their food near.

Jeeva risked to lock the gate and did save our life. But he was hurt by those aggressive zombie nails and we were so lucky to have him as he saved the day risking his life.

“Prince Will you please open the door before I may lose my conciseness “said Archana.

I opened the door and found the house been so looked haunted since my parents moved to some safe place by our Military 2 years ago.

I checked the every room and found no one. “We are alone here “, I said.

“Feels Safe Now “said Arun.

Now he seem calm as we were safe protected by steel gates, window grills and concrete walls.

Vicky was tired as he was driving all the way from the Bangalore where we had shelter during the Virus breakout. And fell on the sofa with all the dust as his blanket.

Archana picked up some water and food for the night from the car and those zombies are still ramming on the gates and bleeding. They seem to have no sense of pain all but with only sense of Hunger.

We locked main door and found all the windows are closed already.

We were quite and none spoke out for an hour.

I lit a candle as it was getting dark.

As it got darker outside we heard lot of strange noise and Howling.

We had our dinner and already tired Vicky slept on the Sofa in the hall. Arun was checking all the Windows and Doors were locked and their safety and slept in hall Floor.

Jeeva and Archana Shared one of the bedroom while I cleaned the bed in another bed room which is parallel to them.

I gave my gun with some ammo to Arun and went my room to get some sleep as we had a big journey tomorrow.

I closed the door and unpacked my things from by Backpack and lit a candle.

I opened a Dairy and it belongs to a Police officer who bunked with us during the war and now you know how I got the gun and the ammo.

He died during the bomb raid after the virus broke out when our government tried to take control of the Bangalore city from those undead.

The Dairy contained the information of survival from the war. He said his name was Raju and that he work for the Police department but on reading his diary I believe he is not a Police Officer and I could not guess what he would have been??

Hope we had for survival is from that diary as it contained some notes on protected place in Chennai during the virus breakout. This is the only hope for safe Haven!!

This Virus was breakout as a Biological weapon that is used by the USA against China during the 7 Months war. The war between the countries ended within 7 Months and that Bio-weapons spread the virus that attacked the weaker one first to make them into soul less, blood thirsty aggressive zombies. The Virus was not contained and spread all over the world. It went against all the humans killing 70% of the Human Population around the world turning them into zombies.

Now I was reading tactics against the undead guide in that diary. A shock went from my toes to my head like a wave creating a fear as I read “ People hurt by these zombies physically must be isolated as they will be infected by the virus and have 80% chance to turn them into Undead.

I know Jeeva was hurt when he locked the gate door and I need to make sure he is all right. So opened the door and walked towards his room.

I heard some strange Noises from his room. “Jeeva are you all right” I shouted at the door.

I felt the floor is wet and checked it with my torch light and I found it is blood flowing out of the Jeeva door. I went near the door and found it is not locked from inside.

I opened the door

To my horror Jeeva was feeding on Archana and blood is flushing out of her throat.

Jeeva turned his face and looked at me. His eyes are soul less. He is growling with blood spilling from his mouth with flesh on his teeth.

I quickly backed myself to defend but had nothing but a torch light. I stepped backwards back to my room slowly. Now Jeeva who is completely transformed into a zombie had only need to eat me.

I thought to myself this will be my last day in my life and he rushed towards me in aggression as I closed my eyes in fear.

All I heard is a Gun Shot and I opened my eyes with shivery hands found that Jeeva is shot dead by Arun who was awake already with the strange noises outside.

Now I was in tears since I lose two of my best friends and it’s in my Home.

“What was that? “

“We lost Jeeva and Archana “I said to Vicky who woke up by the sound of gunshot.

We three sat on the sofa with fear and tears.

And we never slept the rest of the night with our friend’s dead and howling strange noises outside the Home.

It was about 6 AM in the morning. Sun is shined with its glory and giving us the hope to our path.

Arun was gazing outside the window to find any zombies out there.

I packed my Backpack and said “Ok it’s time to Move”.

Arun who is already in fear shouted “Zombies are out here”
“I am staying here till all this comes to an end “he said.

Vicky did a huge blow on Arun head and said “Pack the things up “.

Arun now got back all his senses and said “I am Sorry”.

Then we three opened the door and searched for any zombies out there waiting for us.

As we found nothing in the streets we did the final things for that lovely couple and buried them in the garden.

Vicky and Arun were already in the car while I opened the gate. Vicky started the engine and drove off the house as I locked the home back.

In a blink of the time a zombie jumped of the rooftop and ran towards me.
“Lay down the road “Vicky shouted.

I fell on the road with all the trust I had on my friends and Vicky took a clean shot on that zombies head.

“That was Close” I said and tried to act like I was not in fear.

Arun opened the Car door and said “Get in we have a Long Journey ahead “.

We are now in the Highway moving towards Chennai.

“Happy Birthday Vicky” I said.

All he did was just a smile while he driving the car.

“Is it November 14? We have to celebrate his birthday so grand “said Arun.

“Let’s invite some Zombies to the party “

We were laughing and with all hope drove towards the Horizon.

( To be Continued …. )